Stacks Law Firm first opened its doors over 80 years ago, with the vision of bringing exceptional legal solutions to regular families across regional Australia. That vision remains stronger than ever today. Over this time, we’ve added more capabilities, more people, more branches and more intelligence to our roster.

The present-day corporate structure is an intelligent collaboration of networked offices, unlike any legal entity in Australia. We offer specialised services in seven branches of personal law, and nine branches of business law.

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  • Copyright – Even monkeys get it

    Have you heard the one about the monkey that stole a camera and took a grinning selfie that went around the world? The crested black macaque’s cheeky grin appeared everywhere...

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  • Court backs conditions set in a will

    A recent Supreme Court case highlights how a person making a will can legally stipulate conditions on those who are to benefit from their estate. A father refused to leave an inheritance to four of his children unless they converted from Jehovah’s Witnesses to Roman Catholic within three months of him dying...

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  • How terror laws can affect you

    Most of the focus on the government’s proposed new and tougher anti-terror laws has been on greater powers of surveillance on what people do on the internet, phone calls made and social media...

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  • Surrogacy - What is the law?

    Surrogacy has been in the news lately, raising many questions about exactly what is the law as it effects the biological parents, the birth mother and the child. In Australia each State has its own laws covering surrogacy, and they do vary slightly...

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