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16/03/2016 | SEVENTH STACK JOINS FAMILY LAW FIRM The seventh member of Taree’s well known Stack family has joined Stacks Law Firm...

3/03/2016 | TOP CRIMINAL LAWYER JOINS STACKS LAW FIRM IN TAREE Jessica Mackay has put away some of the worst drug dealers and pedophiles as a federal prosecutor, and now she is joining Stacks Law Firm in Taree as a top criminal lawyer.

3/12/2015 | TAREE LAWYER JOINS TOP RANK OF EXPERTS ON WILLS Taree lawyer Joshua Crowther from Stacks Law Firm has been admitted to the top rank of experts on wills and estates in NSW...

Stacks Blog

11/05/2016 | PRINCE PROVES NEED FOR A WILL Prince didn’t expect to die on 21 April 2016. The rock star was just 57 and to all accounts healthy. Maybe he felt he still had time to write a will. Maybe, like many of us, he feared making a will would tempt the grim reaper to look his way.

4/05/2016 | NON-COMPLIANT POOL COULD DROWN HOME SALE OR LEASE A deadline passed on April 29 to make your home swimming pool or spa compliant under new regulations before the property can be sold or leased, but it is not too late to do something about it...

27/04/2016 | IS IT LEGAL TO SMACK MY CHILD? A recent Supreme Court case has thrown a new light on the controversial issue of whether it’s legal for a parent to smack their child in order to administer discipline...

Media Releases

11/04/2016 | HIGH FLYING LAWYER LANDS IN STACKS Legal eagle John Glynn is literally a high flyer. The highly experienced lawyer flies his own plane, was squadron leader in the RAAF Reserve, and is an expert in aviation law.

22/04/2015 | PASSING THE BALL TO STACKS Long serving Taree lawyer Spencer Davies is passing the ball to his old law school rugby mate Tim Stack as he retires and hands his legal firm to the respected Stacks Law Firm.

17/04/2015 | ROBERT LOCKE AND STACKS UNITE Long serving Tamworth lawyer Bob Locke is merging his thriving legal practice with the new Stacks Law Firm at 1 Fitzroy Street...


The Stacks Times - a seasonal release of news and editorials about the Stacks offices

5/02/2013 | WEALTH PROTECTION BULLETIN - SUMMER 2013 EDITION Limited liability companies have been an important part of the fabric of business for about 200 years. One of the reasons companies were created was to encourage entrepreneurial zeal by introducing the corporate veil...

10/09/2012 | WEALTH PROTECTION BULLETIN - SPRING EDITION The 1970s sitcom The Brady Bunch featured a single mother (Carol) with 3 daughters who married a single father (Mike) with 3 sons, thereby forming one of the world’s most wellknown blended families at that time. In real life, blended...

8/09/2011 | BUYING A BLOCK OF LAND You’ve found a block of land to buy – what happens next? It can be confusing if you are not familiar with the process involved. View the online brochure to learn more.

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