"I see my role as doing the best I can within the law to help those people who cannot access the legal system and would otherwise be neglected."

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Ruth Hudson - Practice Group Leader

Stacks Goudkamp

Martin Place, Sydney

Tel: (02) 9237 2222
"I see my role as doing the best I can within the law to help those people who cannot access the legal system and would otherwise be neglected."

Ruth joined Stacks Goudkamp’s Martin Place office in 2010 and now manages one of the firm’s five Practice Groups. A dedicated personal injury lawyer, Ruth handles compensation and other matters in a variety of areas including motor vehicle claims, professional negligence claims and public liability claims. She is also passionate about protecting human rights and assisting victims of sexual abuse in institutional settings such as schools, as well as refugees who have been mistreated while in mandatory immigration detention.

Prior to joining Stacks, Ruth spent two years working for international development organisation World Vision in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. This included working closely with journalists to raise awareness about the plight of communities recovering from disasters. She has also taught International Media Studies and worked as a research assistant in the Faculty of Law at Newcastle University.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of Communications at Newcastle University, Ruth was admitted as a solicitor in 2010 and became an Associate of the firm in 2012. In addition to her Australian clients, she also handles cases for overseas visitors who have been injured whilst visiting Australia. Ruth has acted for clients from India, Israel, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

An energetic, dedicated and compassionate lawyer with a strong commitment to social justice, Ruth is currently acting on behalf of a number of asylum seekers who are detained on Manus Island. With experience communicating with people from all walks of life, Ruth develops a strong rapport with her clients who love her warm personality and down-to-earth nature. She is dedicated to supporting her injured clients and their families, taking great satisfaction in preparing their personal injury claims so that they receive the compensation they deserve.

Ruth is a member of the NSW Young Lawyers and is the Wellbeing Coordinator for the NSW Young Lawyers Human Rights Committee, focussing on issues of mental health, encouraging the development of healthy practices and relationships within the profession and advocating a work-life balance for practitioners.

Passionate about helping members of the community most in need, Ruth prides herself on always being there for her clients at any time of the day or night.

The eldest of four children, Ruth is a vegan, practises yoga and meditates daily so she is fondly known as the office ‘hippy’. She spends much of her spare time outdoors, going hiking, camping or swimming in the ocean.

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