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Compulsory Acquisition

The Government can take your land or restrict your rights in regards to use of land.

You need to understand the impact and the restriction that will have on your current and future use of the land.

There is a process by which you can be compensated for the loss of use, or the restriction on your continuing use of the land. The process needs to be understood and we can assist you in negotiating through that process and advise you on the best way to prepare a claim for compensation, and achieve the appropriate level of compensation.

 The Government will usually pay you for the costs that you incur in obtaining advice from us as part of the compensation.

What our clients say

12/01/2015 |
  Ms A of NSW North Coast
Nathan Luke -
I recently had to approach Stacks Law Firm over a workplace bullying issue which, for anyone who has experienced this, erodes confidence.  T...

Recent Successes

23/03/2012 |
  Trees Disputes between Neighbours.
Nathan Luke -
 Recent Success
Stacks Law Firm in Ballina has acted on behalf of a local family in a successful application brought against their neighbours in the Land an...

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