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Financial agreements

These agreements are sometimes called ‘prenuptial agreements’.

You can make a Financial Agreement with your partner before, during or after a marriage. Financial Agreements may cover issues such as the financial settlement (including superannuation) after marriage, financial maintenance of one spouse by another after marriage, and any incidental issues. A court may set aside part or all of a Binding Financial Agreement under certain circumstances.

What our clients say

20/12/2013 |
  MH, Port Macquarie
Tim Couch -
Dear Tim, I hope you have a merry christmas and happy new year. Thanks for everything in the past 12 months. I couldn't have got through the...

Recent Successes

28/11/2011 |
  Denial of same-sex relationship
Quentin Schneider -
 Recent Success
We were successful in having the Federal Magistrates Court retain jurisdiction in a property dispute between two persons of the same gender ...

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