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Compensation in Australia - a fair go

The laws in Australia about compensation originally reflected the Aussie idea of a "fair go".

The courts in this country have traditionally said that if I act in a negligent manner which causes you to suffer loss then I should cover you for that loss, whatever it may be. If the repair bill for your car is $10,000 then I should pay you $10,000. If you lose three months from work than I should reimburse you for the after-tax earnings you would have received during that time.

So, what is meant by acting in a negligent manner? Again the courts have taken a pretty straightforward approach. I am expected to act in the way that a reasonable person would act. If I'm 10 years old then I'm supposed to act like a reasonable 10-year-old. If I'm a surgeon carrying out an operation, then I'm supposed to act like a reasonable surgeon.


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13/05/2015 |
  R.P.-client from Sydney
Cathy Pares -
Thank you for all of your hard work over the duration of my claim.  You consistently provided an excellent level of legal service, as well a...

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  Workers Compensation paybacks in Medical Negligence matters.
Jodie Baker -
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We will not charge you any fees if you should lose your case – a rare event at our firm because we will tell you upfront if we think your case has problems. In workers compensation matters, once a matter has been accepted by the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office our fees are normally paid by them – not you – irrespective of the outcome.

We specialise in providing expert legal representation in the area of insurance litigation and compensation law.

The Stacks Compensation Law User Group has been established across all of the Stacks/The law Firm offices. This means that compensation law specialists from 20 offices in NSW and QLD can regularly come together via conference calls and face-to-face meetings to share common precedents, pool resources and collectively problem solve. This is a real benefit to individual clients, who receive a consistently high level of service.

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