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Family Law

Family Law is an umbrella term designed to cover those areas of law which become relevant if your family relationship breaks down.

It can also apply to circumstances arising from a family member's death or care proceedings involving children.

At Stacks we appreciate that being involved in proceedings or negotiations arising from the breakdown of your family relationship can be a distressing and confusing experience. You may be experiencing a feeling of lack of control over important events and decisions.

What our clients say

20/12/2013 |
  MH, Port Macquarie
Tim Couch -
Dear Tim, I hope you have a merry christmas and happy new year. Thanks for everything in the past 12 months. I couldn't have got through the...

Recent Successes

28/11/2011 |
  Denial of same-sex relationship
Quentin Schneider -
 Recent Success
We were successful in having the Federal Magistrates Court retain jurisdiction in a property dispute between two persons of the same gender ...

Our aim is to ensure that you are well informed about the progress of your matter, and of the options and remedies available to you. We want to resolve any proceedings in an efficient manner, whilst achieving the best possible outcome for you. We appreciate that it is important that you are involved in decisions about your case and we actively encourage you to work with us to achieve these outcomes. It is important that you understand the legal processes and their consequences, so we endeavour to provide advice that is easily understood. Your enquiries will be treated confidentially and with patience and consideration by all members of our staff.

The Stacks Family Law User Group

The Family Law User Group has been established across all of the Stacks/The law Firm offices. This means that family law specialists from 20 offices in NSW and QLD can regularly come together via conference calls and face-to-face meetings to share common precedents, pool resources and collectively problem solve. This is a real benefit to individual clients, who receive a consistently high level of service. 
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