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Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone’s death.

Probate ensures that a will is genuine and valid, and gives the executors the power to administer the deceased person’s estate. The deceased person’s property will be identified and appraised, outstanding debts and taxes will be determined, and the property will be distributed as per the will.

What our clients say

15/01/2014 |
  Martin, Sydney.
Nathan Luke -
Hi Courtney and Nathan, Please accept my profound gratitude for the manner in which you have attended to and dealt with my uncle’s estate...

Recent Successes

1/12/2011 |
  Family Provision Claim - Succession Act 2006
Joshua Crowther -
 Recent Success
Great family provision settlement out-of-court for clients in recent claim against notional estate.  All settled and clients are happy (than...

The Stacks Wealth Protection team can assist you to:

  • Decide what you need – including whether you need to obtain Probate of a will or letters of administration of an estate
  • Prepare all documentation to obtain the formalities required to access assets in the estate
  • Transfer assets, call in assets and distribute them to beneficiaries
  • Provide you with a complete accounting of all moneys and assets dealt with

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