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About Us

Stacks Law Firm is a group of law firms which together offer a wide range of legal services throughout NSW, QLD and ACT. Each firm is an independent, incorporated legal practice but by working together, the group can offer expert legal advice at a much higher level and across a wider geographical area. Stacks/ The Law Firm is now the largest regional-based network of law practices in Australia, with more than 20 offices, 70 professional staff and 130 support staff.

We trust our people, and believe in moving with them, rather than losing experts who wish to relocate geographically. As such, we now have experts in many different areas of law, spread right across NSW, QLD and ACT. This system of information sharing means that each lawyer is able to draw on the resources and expertise of the wider group.

User groups in each of the main areas of law have been established across the offices, which regularly come together via conference calls and face-to-face meetings to share common precedents, pool resources and collectively problem solve. This is a real benefit to individual clients, who have access to the combined knowledge and experience of several lawyers across NSW. The end result is a consistently high level of service.

Our geographic location, and the fact that each law firm in the group is of a moderate size, allow us to keep our costs down. Each firm can operate its own small practice without the financial pressure associated with running a large firm, but with access to the resources of essentially a large firm. This translates to greater value for money for you. We aim to ensure that our legal fees are always reasonable in relation to the services we provide.

The goal for the next 100 years? To have more lawyers and greater expertise than any other law firm in Australia.

Our background

Stacks/The Law Firm owes its origin to a determined honours graduate from Sydney University, Edward Raymond Stack, who established a law firm in Wingham on the mid North coast of New South Wales during the Great Depression in 1931.

Ray Stack grew up on a small farm in the community of Bogan Gate near Parkes. He owed his legal career to a bursary from the Bogan Gate public school, which enabled him to attend Fort Street High School, where he obtained a scholarship to the university.

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