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Our background

Stacks Law Firm owes its origin to a determined honours graduate from Sydney University, Edward Raymond Stack, who established a law firm in Wingham on the mid North coast of New South Wales during the Great Depression in 1931.

Ray Stack grew up on a small farm in the community of Bogan Gate near Parkes. He owed his legal career to a bursary from the Bogan Gate public school, which enabled him to attend Fort Street High School, where he obtained a scholarship to the university.

Ray Stack graduated in law from the University of Sydney at the height of the Great Depression. With no background in the law and with no contacts, employment was impossible, even for an honours graduate. Undaunted, he did his homework and selected Wingham on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales to open his own law firm.

Ray Stack never forgot his humble beginnings and devoted his life to providing a friendly and highly skilled service to the members of the community who came to his office. He achieved outstanding success as a lawyer, taking special interest in helping those less fortunate than himself. His ethos of providing specialist legal service in a friendly manner at an affordable price was passed on to his three sons Ray, Maurie and Tim, who joined him in his legal practice at Taree.

Stacks Law Firm has slowly grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most respected legal practices.  Its growth can largely be attributed to making the most of opportunities and trusting its people.  As each step in the firm’s history unfolded, Stacks principals have been willing to back the abilities of key people who, for one reason or another, needed to move to a new location. So instead of losing skills and expertise, Stacks opened offices in their new destinations.

A legal phenomenon grows from an ideal based on expansion through support of good people.

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