Ten point checklist to update your estate planning
08 Dec
by Tony Mitchell.New year’s resolutions usually last as long as the beer and cake ...
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Employing backpackers – be a fair employer and stay on the right side of the law
07 Dec
by Geoff Baldwin.Everyone loves a bargain and backpackers are seen as an endless ...
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Work Christmas parties – setting boundaries of behaviour and staying out of trouble
02 Dec
by Nathan Luke.The circumstances in which you can sack a worker for terrible behaviour...
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What can you do if the view from your property is about to be blocked?
01 Dec
by Merrill Phillips.You’ve spent a huge amount of your hard-earned dollars on a home...
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Questions real estate agents ask about prescribed documents in property sales
17 Nov
by Amy Williams.In my work as a licensed conveyancer, I am often approached by real ...
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Beware of using a statutory demand as a debt collection exercise
17 Nov
by Anneka Frayne. What is a statutory demand? A statutory demand is a demand sent to a ...
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Maternity leave, paternity leave, partner leave, adoption leave and employee’s right to return to the same position
11 Nov
by Geoff Baldwin.“Parental leave entitlements” is a broad term covering maternity ...
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Changes to strata laws in NSW aim to deliver urban renewal and boost housing supply
27 Oct
by Anneka Frayne.New strata laws which come into effect in NSW on 30 November ...
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Compulsory acquisition of your property: stand up for your rights and don’t let yourself be bullied. Free help is available.
04 Oct
by Digby Dunn.Being told by the government that your home or property is about to be ...
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What questions is it legal for employers to ask job applicants during an interview?
27 Sep
by Nathan Luke.The process of looking for a new worker to fill a vacancy is a source ...
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Discrimination against employees and job seekers who have a mental illness – legislation vs. reality
22 Sep
by Nathan Luke.It is illegal for employers to discriminate against workers or job ...
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Ugg boots: the battle over trade mark rights
06 Sep
by Tony Mitchell.Court case pits American company against Australian manufacturer...
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