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Stacks Law Firm, Laurieton was created when Higgins & Dix merged with the Stacks Law Firm network in 2018. The firm has been providing legal advice and representation to community of greater Port Macquarie since 1998.
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Covid vaccination for children – who decides when parents can’t agree?
16 Aug 2022
Objections to Covid vaccination for children on various grounds Covid ...
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Exclusive dealing: why blocking a competitor’s ice creams cost $12 million
12 Aug 2022
You pull up at a petrol station to fill up. The kids cry out for ice cream. One ...
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“I acted in self defence so I’m not guilty of assault.” Which case won?
10 Aug 2022
A recent case in Sydney revolved around the question of self defence. In ...
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Should juries be told the criminal history of the defendant?
05 Aug 2022
Knowledge of past crimes can influence jury verdicts The question of whether a ...
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Keep an eye out for the illegal wildlife trade
28 Jul 2022
Australia’s unique native species, particularly birds and reptiles, are ...
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“I gave my daughter money to buy her property, so I should have part ownership.” Which case won? 
27 Jul 2022
A case in New South Wales concerned a claim to part ownership of a property. A ...
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<i>Roe v Wade</i> overturned – will it set a precedent for Australian law?
26 Jul 2022
Roe v Wade establishes constitutional protection for abortion in 1973 If you ...
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Can you rescind a contract for the sale of land due to mental illness?
21 Jul 2022
by Anneka Frayne and Talitha Fishburn As the incidence of mental illness and ...
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Crackdown on facial recognition on social media
20 Jul 2022
The commercial use of facial recognition technology has caused concern among ...
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“I wouldn’t have injured my back, but for my employer’s negligence.” Which case won?
13 Jul 2022
A man worked as a truck driver from September 2011 until May 2014.   ...
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Public shaming of thieves could lead to civil claims against businesses
12 Jul 2022
Shopkeepers unwilling to confront thieves despite huge cost to business ...
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Breaching trade sanctions can lead to jail
12 Jul 2022
International trade sanctions have been in the news with the Russian invasion of...
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Why Stacks

No hidden fees
Nobody likes surprises on their bills, so we take the time to agree with you exactly what our work will cost before we do it (not after!)
Deep expertise
Our lawyers aren’t ‘general practitioners’, they’re experts in their chosen fields of practice (many are Accredited Specialists)
Practical advice not legalese
We provide clear, practical advice, in plain English, so that you can make decisions with confidence
Over 25 local offices
Our local offices are owned and operated by friendly, local professionals, who are proud and active members of the communities they serve
Real client care
Genuine care for clients has been at the core of our practice since the first office was opened by ER Stack on the NSW Mid-North Coast in 1931
Progressive practice
We invest in technology and systems so that our services are always cost effective and clients are in control of their own legal affairs

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