Clayton Davis
Clayton Davis
Managing Director

My Publications

How do you make a small claim in NSW?
27 Feb 2020
If you find yourself in a position where you’re out of pocket because of ...
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Who carries the cost when an investor gets scammed? Which case won?
02 Oct 2018
In a case study reported in 2016 by the UK Financial Ombudsman, an investor in ...
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Could an accounting firm restrain a former employee from doing work for one of its clients?  Which case won?
16 May 2018
In 2003, a nineteen-year-old man began employment as a trainee accountant with a...
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Was a rival’s use of the phrase “Post without the office” a breach of Australia Post’s intellectual property? Which case won?
15 Nov 2017
Sendle Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based parcel delivery company that provides low-cost,...
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Was the company entitled to restrain its former employee from setting up a competing business? Which case won?
03 May 2017
The company in question manufactured and sold school uniforms in NSW. The ...
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