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Compulsory acquisition of properties in NSW now not so certain
15 Jun
A landmark court decision has delivered a blow to the NSW government’s seemingly ...
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Government compulsorily acquires land for new road – was the land owner properly compensated? Which case won?
03 Oct
The Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW had compulsorily acquired part of a rural property ...
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What can you do if your roof solar panels are going to lose their direct sunlight?
02 Jun
You’ve invested a lot of money installing solar panels on your roof. It’s keeping down...
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Proof that it’s worth challenging government’s compulsory property acquisition
18 Jan
Thousands of people in NSW are facing having their homes and property compulsorily ...
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Compulsory acquisition of your property: stand up for your rights and don’t let yourself be bullied. Free help is available.
04 Oct
Being told by the government that your home or property is about to be seized through ...
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Help! They’re Building A Highway Through My Home
11 Jul
Your home is your castle, right? It said so in that popular movie The Castle. Well, that ...
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What Lies Beneath – The Pool Safety Debate
12 May
When questioned about pool maintenance, many owners might tell you they spend a fair ...
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