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“Excessive self-defence” and use of force to protect yourself against an intruder
14 Jun
It’s everybody’s nightmare. A person breaks into your home and threatens your family. ...
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When can police detain you and ask for identification in NSW?
06 Apr
The NSW District Court recently awarded a Sydney man $3,201 for false imprisonment after ...
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Should a deaf person be able to serve on a jury?
14 Feb
Gaye Lyons is profoundly deaf. She can lip read, but her usual method of communication is ...
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Can you murder someone who’s already dead? Which case won?
29 Nov
Earlier this year, a very unusual murder trial was heard in the Victorian Supreme Court. ...
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Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, misadventure and accident – forms of death from unnatural causes
21 Sep
The Australian laws relating to murder, attempted murder and manslaughter are all ...
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How Far Can I Go In Defending Myself And My Home?
06 Apr
A murder charge brought against a man alleged to have confronted and killed a person ...
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What Is “Unacceptable Risk” In Deciding Bail?
23 Mar
Recent changes to the Bail Act mean that people charged with serious offences have to meet...
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Judge Or Jury Trial – What’s Best?
09 Mar
Suppose you are charged with a serious crime.  Should you trust your guilt or ...
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