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Kelly Brown

My Publications

Does a smack on the bottom constitute common assault?
14 Oct 2021
Annabel Bassil was managing a Sydney bar when a man she didn’t know smacked ...
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New short-term rental laws in NSW – Code of Conduct, fire safety standards and STRA Register
21 Sep 2021
In December 2020, new short-term rental laws were introduced in NSW, with ...
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“I’m the dead man’s next of kin and I’m contesting a forged will.” Which case won?
23 Aug 2021
Prior to World War II, the deceased was on intimate terms with a woman, V. When ...
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“When I bought my brother’s half of the farm, the water rights came with it, so he has to hand them over.” Which case won?
17 May 2021
A husband and wife began farming in the 1950s. Over several decades they ...
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Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship – the horror story edition
23 Dec 2020
Having a power of attorney and an enduring guardianship is the basis of a solid ...
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Tree disputes: know your rights
11 Dec 2020
Tree disputes are among the most common points of contention between neighbours,...
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Life estate or right of residence? How to provide a home in your will
09 Dec 2020
You want to provide a home for your loved one in your will. You want your spouse...
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Was the NDIS required to fund the cost of a sex worker for a woman with severe disabilities? Which case won?
20 Oct 2020
Seventeen years ago, a woman referred to as “W”, who is now in her forties, ...
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