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In a breakup, who gets the dog?
25 May 2022
When relationships break down, there can be emotional fights over who gets the ...
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De facto property settlement can be as complex as a marriage break up
22 Jan 2021
You commit to a relationship with your partner and move in together. You earn ...
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“We were in a de facto relationship and I should inherit some of his estate.” Which case won?
21 Apr 2020
On 8 August 2000, a man executed a will naming his younger brother as his ...
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Should the husband get a much larger share of the marital assets than the wife after their divorce? Which case won?
04 Sep 2018
The husband was aged 39, the wife was aged 37 and they had been married for ...
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Marriage, divorce and decree of nullity – what is the law in Australia?
10 Aug 2017
Can a marriage be legal if your new wife or husband refuses to have sex with you...
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Checklist: practical steps to take on separation or divorce
01 Jun 2017
Going through a separation can be a challenging process. As well as attending to...
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Airbnb laws need fixing
29 Jun 2016
One Sydney council warned a homeowner renting out part of her home to short term...
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