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“We’ve been fighting for years – will my child be able to access the court records?“
18 Jul
You have been fighting for years with your ex-husband/wife/partner over the kids, each of ...
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“I’ve separated – when do I go to court?”
17 May
Unlike what you see on television or read about in gossip magazines about celebrities ...
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“I want half” – common myth that assets split equally in family law property settlement
23 Jan
There appears to be a misconception in the community that when a marriage or de facto ...
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DNA testing in family law – tell us, who’s your daddy?
24 Nov
As solicitors we see many reasons why parents want DNA testing. Some men want to prove ...
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Relocating to another state with your child after divorce: steps you can take
27 Jan
So you’ve met the partner of your dreams and want to live happily ever after, but ...
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The Dog’s Mine – You Get The Goldfish
29 Apr
Who gets the beloved family pet in a divorce can be a very messy affair. While some ...
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Lying To Get An APVO Now A Crime
15 Nov
Making false allegations in order to obtain an Apprehended Personal Violence Order (APVO) ...
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10 Sexting Legal Dangers
15 May
Sexting – the sending of sexual images via mobile phone or the internet – is a...
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