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Can you trademark a word or colour? The law says it depends
09 Oct 2019
While you may think that a word is just a word and cannot be owned by an entity,...
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Photography and the law – when is it illegal to take a photo?
04 Apr 2019
Photographs are funny things – or not, depending on how much trouble they can ...
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Emojis adding new dimension of unpredictability and ambiguity to electronic communications
04 May 2018
A recent US article (by Mike Cherney in the Wall Street Journal Online) drew ...
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Costs orders and litigation – beware unpredictable outcomes and always take settlement offers seriously
13 Mar 2018
I was recently involved in a case where someone was offered half a million ...
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Address workplace risks from technology and social media with a code of conduct for employees
16 Jan 2018
It goes without saying that all employees have private lives. It was probably ...
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Selling your business – make sure you get the details right
10 Oct 2017
When you’re selling your business, it can be a difficult and emotional time. ...
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Plain packaging tobacco decision shows intellectual property is not sacrosanct
21 Jun 2017
Where once intellectual property rights were considered sacrosanct, a couple of ...
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The lighter side of the law: when law and comedy collide
03 May 2017
On the face of it, there doesn’t seem to be much that is amusing about the ...
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Ugg boots: the battle over trade mark rights
06 Sep 2016
Court case pits American company against Australian manufacturer American ...
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Phaser fire in legal battle over Klingons
08 Jun 2016
Courts sometimes hear the most bizarre cases. Lawyers are currently firing ...
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Can Anyone Really Own ‘Waltzing Matilda’?
11 Nov 2015
Country singer John Williamson says he’d rather go to jail than pay ...
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Businesses Need To Prepare For New Privacy Laws
19 Feb 2014
 Changes to the privacy laws come in next month covering how a business ...
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