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Ugg boots: the battle over trade mark rights
06 Sep
by Tony Mitchell. Court case pits American company against Australian manufacturer ...
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Can I Trademark My Own Name?
13 Apr
Kylie Minogue is all loco-motion defending her first name in court after a young reality ...
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Know Your Rights If Business Misleads
03 Feb
Misleading consumers can be a costly exercise for businesses. Consumer rights are quite ...
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Can A Corporation Own Human Genes?
01 Apr
An interesting legal debate reaches the High Court in April about whether a corporation ...
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I Own That Word So You Can’t Use It
24 Dec
You’d think the use of a word would be open to all. After all ...
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Stealing An Image Can Prove Costly
22 Oct
Ita Buttrose is one of the best known people in Australia. She’s a former Australian...
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Copyright – Even Monkeys Get It
29 Aug
Have you heard the one about the monkey that stole a camera and took a grinning selfie ...
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Trademarking Bad Taste
31 Jul
News that somebody sought to register a trademark on the term MH17 within a day of the ...
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Forget Google? Not Down Under
13 Jun
Ever wish Google would somehow forget to bring up the link to that embarrassing matter ...
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A Handshake Can Legally Seal A Deal
16 Apr
You’d think that if you shook hands to seal a deal it wouldn't be worth the paper it...
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Businesses Need To Prepare For New Privacy Laws
19 Feb
 Changes to the privacy laws come in next month covering how a business handles ...
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Company Directors Need To Protect Themselves
18 Oct
For more than 200 years there has been a legal barrier between the business life of ...
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