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Giving large gifts to your children before you die: make sure you avoid unintended consequences
22 Sep
by Tony Mitchell. It is not uncommon for parents to provide financial assistance to ...
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Prince Proves Need For A Will
11 May
Prince didn’t expect to die on 21 April 2016. The rock star was just 57 and to all ...
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Court Ruling On Will Shows Importance Of Expert Advice
10 Feb
When two adult children were upset their mother had left the bulk of her $1.1 million ...
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What Is A Discretionary Trust?
13 Jan
You have worked hard to build up a portfolio of valuable assets in your lifetime.  If...
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What Can Go Wrong With Wills
30 Dec
The new year is an excellent time to check your Will to make sure it is updated to ...
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What To Do When Gran Leaves It All To The Cat Society
18 Nov
 As a Law Society Accredited Specialist in Wills and Estates, Joshua Crowther from ...
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Company Is Best Trustee For SMSF
30 Sep
More and more people are considering a Self Managed Superannuation Fund and should be ...
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Where There’s A Will There’s A Way – To Challenge
01 Jul
 If you feel hard done by over what’s left to you in a will, you are not alone....
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The Extraordinary Case Of Life Produced By A Dead Man
27 May
 Medical science is progressing so quickly it is often difficult for the law to keep ...
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When A $3 Million Inheritance Just Isn’t Enough
06 May
 A bitter court battle over a $3 million inheritance shows the problems that can ...
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Traps In Estate Inheritance
11 Mar
Two recent cases reveal traps in the laws governing estate inheritance that everyone ...
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Beware Super Inheritance Traps
21 Jan
Private self-managed superannuation funds can grow to be very big over time, some with ...
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