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Anneka Frayne
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What to do when a property co-owner won’t sell
25 Jul 2019
What happens when you are a co-owner of a property and want to put it on the ...
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Illegal phoenix activity – government determined to expand crackdown efforts
28 May 2019
Have you ever been owed money by a company, but when you attend to calling in ...
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Can an unsent text message be a valid will? Which case won?
12 Dec 2018
A Queensland man took his own life, leaving behind his wife and several family ...
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Could the council force a home owner to remove a caravan from her land? Which case won?
25 Jul 2018
A Sydney council became aware of home owners in the local area who had converted...
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What happens at settlement when you buy a home – and what can go wrong
12 Jul 2018
Buying a new home or a property can be one of the most exciting events of your ...
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Do police have the right to search your phone in NSW?
06 Jun 2018
You are stopped on the street by police. They tell you to turn out your pockets....
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What is the process for getting a divorce?
15 Mar 2018
The divorce process is a separate process to that of a property settlement after...
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Prenups on shaky ground after High Court decision
13 Feb 2018
Prenuptial agreements appear to be on shaky legal ground after a recent landmark...
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