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Gotcha! NSW highway patrol cameras zoom in over the shoulder of drivers using mobile phones
06 Sep 2019
Technology employed by NSW police constantly being refined and upgraded Drivers...
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What’s in a tablet? Understanding the dangers of chemically synthesised drugs
18 Sep 2018
The actual contents of many of the ecstasy tablets and other tablets that people...
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Why your non-dental cavities may be of interest to the authorities
30 Aug 2018
There is currently a stand-off of sorts between the NSW Police and the NSW ...
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Appealing fines to Revenue NSW becoming an increasingly pointless exercise
25 Jul 2018
More people opting to go to court rather than appealing to Revenue NSW If you ...
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Automatic vehicle registration in NSW – beware the pensioner trap
04 Jul 2018
In New South Wales, pension concession card holders who receive free vehicle ...
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Do police have the right to search your phone in NSW?
06 Jun 2018
You are stopped on the street by police. They tell you to turn out your pockets....
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Rego stickers, ANPR and NSW government revenue – too good an opportunity to miss
12 Oct 2017
In my recent article Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology not to...
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Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology not to be underestimated
10 Oct 2017
All Australian states and territories now use both fixed and mobile automatic ...
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