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Is a de facto relationship the same as a marriage?
06 Sep 2019
It’s a common misconception in Australia that people living in a de facto ...
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Estate planning at tax time: a prime opportunity to ensure your assets are protected
24 Jul 2019
Tax time: it’s the one time of the year that you need to get your financial ...
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What is testamentary capacity? A basic guide
16 Oct 2018
As a lawyer specialising in wills and estates, I find myself increasingly ...
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Did the old man have the mental capacity to change his will? Which case won?
06 Aug 2018
In 2011, a man signed a will which gave his estate to his three children ...
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Beware of your life continuing in the cloud after you die
14 Feb 2018
Recently a court had to rule on whether a will written as an unsent 54-word text...
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Elder financial abuse – confronting a hidden epidemic
19 Sep 2017
Elder financial abuse – where a person takes advantage of an elder person’s ...
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Estranged daughter brings successful family provision claim after being left out of mother’s will
08 Mar 2017
The recent case of Jodell v Woods before the NSW Supreme Court highlights how a ...
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Was son entitled to share of mother’s estate to boost his superannuation fund? Which case won?
16 Feb 2017
A case heard in the NSW Supreme Court of Appeal concerned a 43 year old ...
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