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Know your rights under proposed laws for short term letting in NSW
27 Nov 2019
The NSW government has announced new regulations governing short term letting ...
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Tribunal rules Airbnb rentals can’t be banned in apartment blocks
24 Nov 2017
A recent landmark legal decision has made it far more difficult for body ...
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Crackdown on phoenix companies to introduce director identification numbers
25 Oct 2017
In an effort to crack down on phoenix companies that are stripped of assets and ...
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Can I Trademark My Own Name?
13 Apr 2016
Kylie Minogue is all loco-motion defending her first name in court after a young...
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Can Anyone Really Own ‘Waltzing Matilda’?
11 Nov 2015
Country singer John Williamson says he’d rather go to jail than pay ...
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Time To Fix Airbnb-Style Holiday Home Letting Laws
26 Aug 2015
You wouldn’t think renting out a room in your home or the granny flat out ...
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Court Case Threatens Holiday Home Renting
01 May 2013
A court case brought in the NSW Land and Environment Court last week could ...
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A Good Time To Protect Your Wealth
18 May 2011
The Law Company, based in the Tamworth region and who are associated with the ...
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