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Who should inherit the old man’s money? His friend or a charity? Which case won?
29 Apr 2019
In the years prior to his death at the age of 87, a man instructed his solicitor...
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Home downsizer superannuation contribution offers opportunity to retirees
20 Jun 2018
Important changes are coming to the law on superannuation from 1 July 2018 that ...
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Who keeps the deposit when a property sale falls through? Which case won?
21 Mar 2018
A parcel of land in Fairfield, Sydney, was sold at auction for $1.46 million. ...
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Unreleased personal guarantees can threaten financial wellbeing of retired directors of a family business
23 Nov 2017
Most businesses that are operated as a company or trust are required to provide ...
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False or misleading claims in advertising and marketing can cost the unwary
21 Nov 2017
Consumer watchdogs are cracking down on companies that make false or misleading ...
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Dangers of changing your home ownership structure in your senior years
05 Oct 2017
Parents and grandparents are coming under increasing pressure to use their home ...
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Brother sues sister who pocketed 100% of their dad’s superannuation fund – which case won?
28 Jun 2017
A case heard in the NSW Supreme Court concerned a battle between two siblings ...
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Plain packaging tobacco decision shows intellectual property is not sacrosanct
21 Jun 2017
Where once intellectual property rights were considered sacrosanct, a couple of ...
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