Geoff Roberson
Geoff Roberson
Principal / Managing Director

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”I suffered a loss because of bad investment advice, so the financial advisor should compensate me.” Which case won?
15 Oct 2021
An investor was a long-term client and personal friend of the director ...
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Did the bank have the right to close the escort agency’s business bank accounts? Which case won?
26 Jul 2020
An Australian company ran an escort agency which operated openly and legally. ...
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How do you make a small claim in NSW?
27 Feb 2020
If you find yourself in a position where you’re out of pocket because of ...
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Which case won? Could a bank enforce a loan agreement where one of the signatures was forged?
23 Jan 2018
A company was established in 1991 and operated a paintball field on a property ...
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The lighter side of the law: when law and comedy collide
03 May 2017
On the face of it, there doesn’t seem to be much that is amusing about the ...
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Strategic partnerships – how to avoid coming to grief
28 Mar 2017
An ideal way to grow a business is to enter into strategic partnerships with ...
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Fencing manufacturer sues rival for infringing its registered design – which case won?
15 Mar 2017
A case heard in the Federal Court in 2013 concerned a manufacturer of steel ...
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